What are the Benefits of a Tent Wedding?

If you don’t consider yourself as a cookie-cutter bride and are seeking an exceptional venue for your wedding, then give a chance to host a tent wedding. It encompasses so many features and the advantages bestowed by a tent wedding. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Blank canvas

A tent wedding bestows you with a completely blank canvas which means that you can design it completely according to your vision. This is not like the indoor venue where you can change the flooring, wall color, architecture and the view. But when it comes to the tent wedding, you don’t need to worry anything about that. A tent acts as a pretty backdrop to celebrate your big day. It is a décor element in itself and it can be customized according to your choices. You can hire wedding tent rentals which provide different styles and sizes and you can adorn it any way you’d like to. You can go with hanging features, pillars, arches, chandeliers, and a custom dance floor and so much more.

  1. Year round

Now as tent weddings have new features like walls and heating, you can get married in any weather of the year. You can celebrate a New Year’s Eve wedding with a view of fireworks. Or a surreal February on the snowy blanket on the venue grounds. Outdoor weddings shouldn’t be limited to the summer anymore. With the help of a tent, you can celebrate your wedding in the nature in all four seasons, any time of the year.

  1. No more indecisiveness

If you are indecisive between the indoor or outdoor reception, a tent comes to the rescue. You can layout the tent in whichever way you prefer. You can serve the delicacies inside the tent but beverages and dancing in the outdoors. You can also hang twinkling lights and enjoy the beauty at the same time.

Here are some additional features you can include in your tent wedding

  1. Air conditioning and heaters

Apart from your tent rental, you can also choose to install a heater or an AC. These are the perfect ideas for cooler weather or humid evenings. Don’t rely on the weather to plan your perfect wedding. Make your own.

  1. Diverse structures

There is a huge selection of tent rentals available in the market. It ranges right from the traditional pole tent to the frame tents. The options are endless. If you want to dance under the stars, you can go for a clear ceiling which will help in letting in a lot of natural light as well.

  1. Chandeliers and hanging fixtures

Hanging fixtures are everyone’s favorite. As these tents are deemed as a blank canvas, you can make the best of it by hanging fixtures of your choice. You can choose a rustic light fixture or beautiful floral garlands or an extravagant chandelier. These add an exceptional touch to your tent décor with a flawless and gorgeous accent.

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