Experiences with online matchmaking seem to be all mixed. You hear of people who have had great experiences that have led them to have satisfying relationships, while some others encounter confusion and frustration. In all honesty, using online matrimony sites for matchmaking is a positive development. Quite a bit of research has been put into whether to trust online sites for matchmaking or not, and most of it suggests that these sites help bring people together, in new ways, and for the good.

Some interesting statistics to note are that one in five people in a committed relationship started by meeting online; and one in every six couples married in the last three years have met their better-halves using online sites.

If you have been considering matchmaking online but are unsure of how trustworthy they could be, here are some reasons that could help assure you.

  1. Stronger Algorithms for Safety: With the advancement of technology, companies are aware of how easy it is to commit an online fraud. Thus, they stay a step ahead of such spammers and hackers by building strong algorithms that keep every listed profile safe and secure always. Latest updates on all matchmaking sites allows a person to contact the other, only after both parties have shown interest in the other’s profile. This saves you from unwanted and unpleasant messages.
  2. Background Verification: Just like a traditional matchmaking process, even online wedding service providers conduct a complete background verification of a prospect before allowing them to create their profile. So, you need not worry about the profile being authentic or a fake one. Matrimony companies have teams assigned to this task, and they check every profile and conduct a background verification personally.
  3. Securing Personal Details: Tight privacy settings on matrimony sites keep your personal information secure. They re-evaluate what you are sharing and secure the data that need not be shown to every random profile. Also, there are multiple security briefs that are given to you while you are making your profile, and you can check whether if specific pieces of information are likely to be shared or not.
  4. Messaging: Online sites have made messaging secure on their platform, thus protecting sensitive data or messages that two parties share. It is also made convenient to keep all related communication inside the app/ on the site.
  5. Reliable Search Algorithms: The online sites are designed with algorithms that feature profiles that best suit the interests you have indicated. You less likely to see matches that do not follow your requirement and make you go ‘why this?’, this helps keeping your searches relevant and saves you time.

While it all boils down to trusting these websites, most have made it their mission to keep innovating and adding features that build trust amongst the millions of individuals and families that subscribe to their services. These sites help widen your selection regardless of your geography with the main aim of getting two people together and hopefully as life-long partners.

If you are convinced, you could start by building a profile on a matrimony sites and increase your chances and finding your match.

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