Flowers Bring Beauty and Elegance to a Caribbean  Wedding

Destination weddings in the Caribbean are more popular than ever, and as couples consider their wish list for this most celebratory of days, the importance of flowers can’t be overstated.

When considering getting married in the Caribbean, note the atmosphere will be dominated by cool colors and tropical vibes. These are things to keep in mind when selecting flowers, which are often the focal point – whether on the table, surrounding a bridal canopy, in the bride’s hands as she walks down the aisle, in corsages for attendants or guests and in many other ways your imagination might lead you. Consider consulting a Caribbean wedding planner if you prefer expert advice and ease of arranging for these important floral details.

Favorite flowers for weddings

Caribbean wedding decorations always include fresh floral arrangements because the variety of tropical flowers is varied and stunning. Top choices include orchids, calla lilies, and ginger flowers, not only for their exotic beauty but also because they will stand up to sultry tropical temperatures. It is important to consider weather, venue (beachside or indoors) and availability of certain flowers – all of which a professional Caribbean wedding planner can help with.

Another thing to keep in mind is color – not only your favorite, or which color goes with your attendants’ wedding apparel, but also the meaning behind certain colors.  For instance, you probably know that red is associated with love and romance. But did you know that pink is also associated with love – and happiness? White is associated with purity and marriage, orange: passion and enthusiasm, and yellow: joy and good health. You can see where color combinations add hints of meaning in addition to bringing beauty to the ceremony.

A bit of history

Flowers are known to have been used in wedding ceremonies as far back as 800 B.C.  Brides among the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians may have carried sheaths of wheat, and brides and grooms are known to have worn wreaths of garlands often adorned with orange blossoms, or olive branches with other fragrant flowers or herbs.

During the Middle Ages, when the elites were the only ones to bathe regularly, scented flowers and herbs were a virtual must for brides, since bathing and laundry were generally unavailable luxuries. It is said that roses or rosemary could mask most unpleasant odors.

Eventually, crowns of flowers and bouquets came into vogue, and in modern times, brides began carrying cascades of fresh flowers or a “Bible spray” (popularized by Princess Grace of Monaco), in which a small Bible or prayer book is decorated with a simple spray of flowers.

Today’s brides have an extensive and exotic array of flowers to choose from to embellish their special day.  The colors and arrangements are so important because they will be retained as part of the beautiful memories of the occasion, in photographs and videos, and, of course, in the minds of all who attend.  For those planning a luxury Caribbean wedding, the choice of flowers as a focal point cannot be overstated. Enhance the beauty and romance of this special day with flowers that help spread your joy and love.

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